Jesse, Felicia, and Beth are funny Internet friends that love watching stuff together and this podcast is an invitation to join in and laugh along with us!

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WATCHALONG: The Blues Brothers (1980) on Amazon Prime Video

Beth's pick this week is The Blues Brothers from 1980, which is a classic comedy starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Jesse and Felicia have both seen it, but it's b...

BONUS! John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023) on Amazon Prime Video

Jesse and Felicia recorded a watchalong this week instead of the normal talking show. Enjoy Memorial Day with the corniest installment of the John Wick franchise with ...

WATCHALONG: The Roundup (2022) on Amazon Prime Video

This week is Felicia's pick and she chose The Roundup, featuring Don Lee, aka Thicc Dad (Train to Busan). This one is unhinged quick! Jesse can't stop noticing  all of...

The King of Peens

Beth reveals that she went to a store for the sole purpose of finding a new door mat.  Felicia has a front row seat to watch a bunch of Church Moms crying. What if eve...

WATCHALONG: Independence Day (1996) Watchalong on Amazon Prime Video

Jesse, Felicia, and Beth sit down to watch Independence Day for their first time! Felicia's ear goes haywire and forces her to leave right as all of the good stuff is ...

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