Jesse and Felicia are two funny Internet friends that love watching stuff. They met just before the pandemic, watched a bunch of stuff together during the pandemic, and then decided to start recording themselves doing it. Because why not?

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WATCHALONG: The Invitation (2015) on VOD

The audio for the intro was corrupted, so this watchalong starts from the countdown. Sorry for any confusion!00:00 Countdown Hit play on GO!01:36:01 Our thoughts on th...

Creative Inspiration and The Last of Us Episode 9 FINALE [SPOILERS!]

Jesse and Felicia talk about Felicia's tax woes, where we get creative inspiration from, things that ruin burgers, and more!https://www.idiots.fm00:00 Introduction01:5...

WATCHALONG: The King of Kong (2007) on VOD

Three idiots react to a cornucopia of nerds that care WAY too much about high scores in video games.https://www.idiots.fm00:00 Introduction02:07 What We're Watching03:...

Japanese Game Shows and The Last of Us Episode 8 [SPOILERS!]

Jesse and Felicia talk about what we watched last week, answer a couple of listener questions, and then we discuss The Last of Us Episode 8 [SPOILERS!]https://www.idio...

WATCHALONG: Whiplash (2014) on VOD

Not my tempo!https://www.idiots.fm00:00 Introduction03:41 What We're Watching04:54 The Watchalong Instructions07:13 Countdown Hit play on GO!01:48:32 Our thoughts on t...

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