Jesse, Felicia, and Beth are funny Internet friends that love watching stuff together and this podcast is an invitation to join in and laugh along with us!

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Felicia Pukes into a cup in Los Angeles and we talk about The Last of Us Episode 4 [SPOILERS!]

Jesse and Felicia discuss Felicia's trip to Los Angeles, Episode 4 of The Last of Us [SPOILERS!], talk about what they watched this week, answer a question from Reddit...

Creative Blocks, Panic Attacks, and The Last of Us Episode 3 Discussion [SPOILERS!]

Jesse and Felicia get a show in before Felicia goes off to Los Angeles for a week of fun. We talk about creative blocks, panic attacks, what we watched last week, and ...

WATCHALONG: M3GAN (2022) on VOD with Beth!

Jesse, Felicia, and Beth get together to watch M3GAN for the first time. It's a fun one, so come watch along with us!

The Last of Us Episode 2 [SPOILERS!] and That 90's Show

Jesse and Felicia talk about Episode 2 of The Last of Us [SPOILERS!], That 90's Show, and answer a listener question. Felicia doesn't like Jesse's answer one bit.

WATCHALONG: Into The Woods (2014) on Disney+ [Hate Watch Parade]

Jesse and Felicia watch In The Woods together for Jesse's first time as a part of their ongoing Hate Watch Parade project. Jesse spends most of the movie hating James ...

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