About Our Show

Jesse and Felicia are two funny Internet friends that love watching stuff. They met just before the pandemic, watched a bunch of stuff together during the pandemic, and then decided to start recording themselves doing it. Because why not?

You can e-mail hello@idiots.fm if you need to write a novel about how much you love or hate them.

About Jesse

Jesse is a lifelong nerd from North Carolina who has been on the Internet since around 1994, and on dial-up bulletin board systems prior to that. His brain is complicated in ways that turn him into a goated alpha hermit.

He is a pop culture sponge. Movies, television, music, podcasts, stand-up comedy, sports, graphic novels — any distraction will do. The ADHD is strong in this one.

You can find Jesse on Twitter @owlbynight or Instagram @owlbynight_js.

He also has a website at www.owlbynight.com with a blog, a list of apps and devices he uses, and his top 5 lists of various things.

About Felicia

Felicia is a witch from Northern California and she dresses like The Craft, even at Christmas. She records each podcast from an antique seance table that is powered by the moonlight streaming through her wide open living room window, which leads to the wildlife reserve that she lives on with her three-legged cat Mister. The spirits speak through his screams.

Her skin twinkles like a Twilight vampire in the presence of Tom Hiddleston or any handsome man with long dark hair that looks even kind of damp.

You can find Felicia on Twitter @felishe3 or on Instagram also @felishe3.

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