Beth Mosdeff

Beth Mosdeff

heating and ac repair

Appears in 10 Episodes

WATCHALONG: The Invitation (2015) on VOD

The audio for the intro was corrupted, so this watchalong starts from the countdown. Sorry for any confusion!00:00 Countdown Hit play on GO!01:36:01 Our thoughts on th...

WATCHALONG: The King of Kong (2007) on VOD

Three idiots react to a cornucopia of nerds that care WAY too much about high scores in video games.https://www.idiots.fm00:00 Introduction02:07 What We're Watching03:...

WATCHALONG: Whiplash (2014) on VOD

Not my tempo!https://www.idiots.fm00:00 Introduction03:41 What We're Watching04:54 The Watchalong Instructions07:13 Countdown Hit play on GO!01:48:32 Our thoughts on t...


Jesse, Felicia, and Beth sit down for another installment of the Hate Watch Parade. This week, Jesse picked Little Nicky, which is not a good movie, but it was fun to ...

WATCHALONG: Zardoz (1974) on VOD

Jesse, Felicia, and Beth sit down together to watch Zardoz (1974), which is the first listener request we've filled! It was not a good movie, but was very funny. 

WATCHALONG: The Happening (2008) with Beth

Jesse and Felicia are joined by Beth to watch one of the worst movies of all time, but it's so bad that it's really fun to make fun of with friends. Come watch with us...

WATCHALONG: M3GAN (2022) on VOD with Beth!

Jesse, Felicia, and Beth get together to watch M3GAN for the first time. It's a fun one, so come watch along with us!

WATCHALONG: Best In Show (2000) on VOD with Beth!

Jesse and Felicia are back with their first watchalong of the new year with their friend Beth because they were all going to watch this together a week ago but Jesse g...

WATCHALONG: Violent Night (2022) on VOD with Beth!

Beth joins Jesse and Felicia to watch Violent Night (2022) together. They simply have a wonderful Christmas time!

WATCHALONG: Super Troopers (2001) with our friend Beth!

Jesse and Felicia are joined by their friend Beth to watch one of the stupidest movies of all time together. Come laugh along!

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